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Connect, Move Smart, Live Well

Pilates Practice & Philosophy

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Copper Crane is a Pilates studio focused on private practice and individual sessions. Clients will experience all apparatus pieces in the Pilates repertoire and receive specialized, undivided attention during every private session. Duets are also offered as well as small group Reformer and Tower sessions.  The beautiful, serene Copper Crane studio space is located on the property of owner Erin Hamilton.

Erin spent many years dancing professionally until injuries began to sideline her career.  She started a Pilates practice during recovery from a particularly difficult knee injury and it changed the way she rehabilitated her body- adding years to her dancing career and allowing her to have more control over her strength and movement.  Once retired from dancing she pursued a comprehensive certification through Manhattan's prestigious Kane School of Core Integration. Erin has held expert-level instructor positions at highly regarded NYC and Boston studios, most notably the elite Equinox Printing House in NYC's West Village.  

Her specialties include athletic training (emphasis in dancing, ice skating, golfing, and skiing), and post rehabilitative recovery.  She has extensive experience dealing with joint replacements, scoliosis, MS, and pre/post natal situations.

"You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions, and have a completely different body in 30 sessions"

- Joseph Pilates 


Individual reformer/equipment sessions

50 minutes

single session: $85

5 session package: $400 

10 session package: $790

20 session package: $1530

Apprentice Session: $60

Stretch & Recovery Session (60 minutes): $100


Work out with a friend!

Semi-private reformer/equipment session

50 minutes

single session: $60 per person

5 session package: $275 per person

10 session package: $500 per person


Work out from the comfort and safety of your home!

Virtual Mat Classes $15 per class

Virtual Reformer Class $25 per class

Virtual Reformer Private $50 per session

Virtual Mat Private $40 per session


Reformer and Tower classes utilizing props and traditional Pilates choreography on the equipment

50 minutes

max 3 participants

Group Tower/ Reformer class: $35 per class

Apprentice Instructor Reformer Class: $25 per class


Sarah | Professional Dancer

I trained privately under Erin at a renowned studio in NYC.  At the time, I was a professional dancer who turned Pilates into a form of cross training and injury prevention, and I loved the results!  Erin’s ability to know what my body specifically needed each session is what makes her an amazing instructor and why I kept coming back. She knew exactly how to cue and verbalize each movement and our sessions moved with such fluidity.  My workouts often felt therapeutic and healing rather than hard work, which was what I truly needed.  Each time I left feeling better than when I arrived, which I largely attributed to Erin’s immense knowledge of anatomy and the Pilates method.


Kia | Executive Assistant

I never truly experienced Pilates before my sessions with Erin.  After my first few moments with her I realized that I knew nothing about the method, but was in for the biggest treat.  Erin’s knowledge of the body and the mind connection is invaluable.  She was able to communicated the movments to me in such a way that made me really connect with my body.  She is truly dedicated to her craft and is on the journey with you.  You will leave feeling centered, grounded and empowered!


Olivia | Healthcare Director

I came to Erin as a private client dealing with a fair amount of chronic neck pain.  Erin’s style of teaching is accessible and available. If I wasn’t understanding a piece of the movement, she’d correct me and explain the safest way to move my body. Her depth of knowledge of anatomy is beyond what I could have asked for.  She helped me shape my mind and body into a strong, flexible space.  I am so grateful for her and the private sessions I had.

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